I Am Wonder Woman (In My Head)

I get the most amazing amount of work done before I get out of bed every morning.

My clock radio is set to the classical music station, so I wake up every day to the dulcet strains of a string quartet, the cheerful tinkle of a harpsichord, or (if they’re having their annual fund drive) a sleep-shattering blast of the 1812 Overture.  My alarm goes off nine minutes before I actually have to get up, since I love the quiet interlude between my first awakening and the second alarm, which is when I really have to get out of bed.  (The second alarm always seems to involve the announcer saying, “–one of my favorite songs for unaccompanied cello – such a breathtakingly beautiful arrangement.  Next up, Seventeen Trumpets Playing Very Loud Notes!”)

I have vast reservoirs of creative energy and organizational motivation at 6:51 a.m.  I will do EVERYTHING today!  The laundry shouldn’t take long, it’s just seven or eight loads.  I can keep that going while I clean the house really quick, and I have lots of energy so I can get that all done by 10, no problem.  That’ll burn off my nice healthy breakfast in a flash!

After that, let’s see – I think I’ll sort through all the paper on the kitchen counter!  Easy peasy – turn on an episode of something fun on Netflix, and zip zip zoom, I’ll have that overflowing inbox dealt with in no time flat.  While I’m at it, I’ll scrub down the counter and water all the plants.

Noon – time to get a sandwich and review a favorite blog or two.  Ooo, good idea – I have a GREAT idea for a blog post, I’ll just do that while I eat!  Multi-tasking, yay!

After that, I’ll do some of my editing work – an hour for the next chapter?  Sure!  It’s only 1:30 now, so I have the whole afternoon free until the kids get home!  I am Wonder Woman!

Next … oh, I know!  I’ve been dying to get back to that quilt I’ve been cutting out for the last three years – why haven’t I gotten more done on that?!  I’ll do some work on that, and if my creative energy holds out I’ll finish up those pajamas I started sewing for my daughter in 2010.  They’re kind of baggy, she probably won’t have grown out of them.

And now it’s time for dinner – I love to cook, what shall I cook?  Something delicious and homemade with ingredients I already have on hand, of course, and I’ll talk to my kids about their days while we eat our delicious dinner, we’ll tidy up the kitchen, and settle down on the couch and watch a little bit of Star Wars before bed.  Then I’ll have at least a couple of hours before bed, and I can –

“–was lovely, just exquisite.  Next on today’s program, Several Trombones Playing Too Many Notes!”

No wonder I’m flat exhausted when I haul myself out of bed at 7.  I’ve already put in a full day’s work!

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3 Responses to I Am Wonder Woman (In My Head)

  1. I only think this way when I’ve slept consistently for a couple of weeks. And then had a pot of coffee. Thanks for making me smile.

  2. TotallyTawn says:

    You are Wonder Woman in MY head too!

  3. Cheryl says:

    ~giggle~ … welcome to my world. I thought I was the only one that did that. LOL!

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