Have a Cookie!

The snark is free of charge.

You’re welcome.

It has come to my attention that there is an entire WORLD of people out here who enjoy laughing, reading, writing, snickering, guffawing, snarking, giggling, and cookies.  I thought it was high time I introduced myself.

I’m Bee!  And you are…?

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20 Responses to Have a Cookie!

  1. manofewords says:

    I am Vishnu…no, that’s not it.
    I am Shiva…nope, not that either.


    • Bee says:

      Glad you finally figured it out, G. That would be a serious identity crisis – I mean, most of us have a few wobbly bits in our self-images, but delusions of deity would keep ME up nights.

      (And hello, and thank you for being my first visitor! Yay!)

  2. I. Am. BATMAN! (Batman trumps Spartacus any day… :p)

  3. manofewords says:

    Oh, just the five minutes.

    • Bee says:

      I see I shall have to allow longer lists of embedded comments. I upped it to five from the default three, but I did not stop to consider the fact that you were going to be in the area.

  4. ullajur says:

    I am … a viking – following you from the land of vikings

    • Bee says:

      Welcome! I’d have looked up how to write that in Norwegian, but then you might think I actually SPOKE Norwegian and answer me back in it, and THEN where would we be?

      Actually, hang on, I actually know that one – “Velkommen!” I also know how to say Merry Christmas, many thanks, and thank you for the meal. Not terribly useful for blogging, though.

      • ullajur says:

        Ugh!! what an insult!! Norway – viking!!? Back to school Bee, real vikings come from Denmark(that little dot where Copenhagen is the capital)!!! Iknow, I know – for you americans it’s all the same!! but it isn’t for us – in the viking age it was the same(more or less) but not now, not now at all!! It’s still “velkommen” though, also in Denmark…

        • Bee says:

          I stand entirely corrected! I was thinking more broadly (as in the “Viking age” to which you refer), but it’s good to know that there are stricter definitions used by the locals.

          Which country are you from? (Sorry, I couldn’t tell from your blog.) I knew that my grandfather was half Danish and half Norwegian, but only recently did I get organized enough to find out exactly where they were from. The Danish side of his family had lived on the same farm near Saeby for generations before emigrating to Minnesota.

          I suspect that any Viking blood has probably run a little thin, especially now that all the Scotch and Irish genes from my mother’s side have gotten stirred in. Although with all those Norse berserkers and blue-painted Celts in my history, you never know WHAT might come bubbling up through my blood if I get cut off in traffic.

          • ullajur says:

            I’m from Denmark and actually not fra from Saeby (and can write it in Danish – Sæby ;-) ) Still have family there (here)?

            • Bee says:

              It’s very possible that I have relatives there, but they would be distant – third or fourth cousins at best. The information I have says that my family was from Albek Sogn (I believe that is their parish), about a Danish mile south of Sæby,” and he describes it as “a farm called Snorgaard, where England meets Kattegut.” I am not sure about the “England” part since it isn’t anywhere near England. The father’s name was Jacob Moller (Moller was from a Dutch ancestor some time before the mid-1750’s), but the mother’s was Christensdatter and her father was Nilsen, so those names could have changed to anything by now. My great-great-grandfather took “Jacobson” upon moving to Canada, and it stayed Jacobson after that.

              But who knows – we might be related!

  5. manofewords says:

    Wait…Does Viking trump Spartacus? Did I just lose?

    -10 to Self Esteem. Roll again.

    • Bee says:

      Ooo, that’s a close call. In my preferred RPG, I generally play a Valkyrie (neutral alignment, so I can hammer on as many things as possible in good conscience), so that would probably give a Viking a +2 advantage from the beginning. Taking off the cloak of invisibility helped your stats though, and you’ve got a helm of brilliance, which also helps. Definitely roll again!

    • ullajur says:

      Viking trumps everything manofewords, and if you don’t agree we’ll come pillaging and raping…

  6. xwidep says:

    No! I am Spartacus!!

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